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I'm Essma. Your expat coach in Frankfurt and beyond.

Making you feel home away from home is kind of my super power.

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Expat Coaching Frankfurt
Essma - Expat Coach in Frankfurt

Happy Life! Coaching Day

Leer samen met mij in 4 uur een betere versie van jezelf te worden. 

🗓 17 juni 2023 van 10:00 uur tot 15:00 uur op een prachtig landgoed in Nederland! 

Loop je regelmatig stuk op (dezelfde) dingen in je leven die niet gaan zoals je voor ogen had? Heb je moeite met bepaalde mensen? Kan je super boos worden om iets waar je de vinger niet op kan leggen? Zodanig dat het je letterlijk belemmert in je leven? Los samen met mij op wat jou ongelukkig maakt, jou remt en verander je leven zodat je weer vooruit kan.

Klik op de knop 'meld me aan' en ontvang alle info per mail! Let op, sluitingsdatum is 17 mei a.s.!

  • Leer vrede te sluiten met het verleden 
  • Leer voorkomen om terug te vallen op oude slechte gewoontes
  • Stop met jezelf verdoven, begin met jezelf helen
  • Eenmalig €25,- incl. btw
  • Incl. koffie/thee met wat lekkers + lunch

Hello adventurer! Moving abroad from your home country is definitely no walk in the park, but the path you choose, affects how your journey evolves. I 'ran' different paths and have now found a route that offers me many advantages so I can help you face the challenges you will encounter along the way. You may feel overwhelmed by feelings like loneliness, anxiety, angerhopelessness, isolation or depression?

The coaching programs below are tailored to your needs so that your transition goes as smoothly as possible.


- 10 sessions online or on-site.

- 1,5 hour each session.

- 1 months of follow-up meetings up to 60 minutes per week.

- in 4 weeks you have a hands-on plan of where to start and how to navigate in your new place.

- tackle the first symptoms like homesickness, adapting to a new culture with self-care as your guideline. 


- 10 sessions online or on-site.

- 1,5 hour each session.

- 3 months of follow-up meetings on request with a maximum of 60 minutes per week. 

- in 4 weeks you have a hands-on plan of where to start to be less hard on yourself and work towards your goals with confidence.

- coping with anxiety, change, responsibilities and feelings of guilt (towards the family left behind in the country of origin).

- 2 'walk & talk' sessions. 

- 10% discount on future events.

Premium Plus

- 10 sessions online or on-site.

- 1,5 hour each session.

- 6 months of follow-up meetings on request with a maximum of 60 minutes per week.

- in 4 weeks you have a hands-on plan of a burden-free start in your new life. You learn to ditch the unnecessary bagage you carry around with you and only 'pack' only the things which actually help you further.

-learn to gain knowledge in your skills, priorities and opportunities in your new country.

- tips and tricks on how to work on your mental and physical well-being while dealing with hardship.

- 4 'walk & talk' sessions

- 20% discount on future events.

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Who I am and what I do

I live with my family in Frankfurt. I was born in Morocco, but raised in a village close to Rotterdam in The Netherlands. So living with different cultures is a natural thing for me. Adapting to a certain environment in order to survive is neither a talent nor a skill. It is something that is already present in every human being. Whether or not the process of adaptation succeeds has to do with our personal preferences. Once we dump the luggage we don't need and instead pack what serves us, we navigate our lives flawlessly. Regardless of our location. I'm happy to help you with that proces. 

"Moving doesn't change

who you are.

It only changes the view

outside your window."

- Rachel Hollis

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