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You are looking for some guidance in your life and therefore you've
searched the web to find a life coach. Maybe you feel your path is unclear or don't know how to reach your full potential? You have the feeling that you're not enough? Set requirements like 'I can only do that or become this if....'
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it's not for you if:

it's for you if:

+ you have daily anxiety
+ you don’t like people at work
+ you want to feel more drive and passion in your life
+ you keep worrying about everything
+ you want to learn how to approve of yourself
+ you don’t know how to set boundaries
+ you procrastinate often
+ you (as a woman) fight a monthly battle with your hormones
+ you have difficulties with forgiving 
+ you feel your path is unclear
+ you get (often) distracted by your smartphone 
+ you have a combination of one or more issues mentioned above ;-)

- you are looking for a quick fix or overnight results
- you are not willing to invest in yourself
- you don’t want to make overall well-being a priority
- you are not very serious or ready to commit to making a lifestyle change

a free discovery



• Your difficulties with the transition from your home country to your adopted country are no longer controlling you?
• You feel comfortable in your adopted country and have the feeling you belong?
• Having less difficulties with settling in?
• You can find at least one anchor of a job in your area of expertise?
• You don’t have to put your own career on hold for that of your partner?
• You make even more new friends and connecting with others was never that easy for you?
• Becoming a first time parent in an adopted country with a backup plan.
• The relationship with your spouse and/or children has never been that good?
• Finding your identity and confidence by meeting your need for significance?
• You have the feeling that you continue growing?

to get you there.
I promise, It's free ;-) 


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for you as an expat:

I am sunshine mixed with a little hurricane, I run, stretch, raise, balance, care, love, guide and goal oriented. O, and I looove peanut butter combined with hagelslag (dutch for chocolate sprinkles) ;-) 

Who I am? Actually it's all about you! but ok, i'll give you a glimpse...  


about me... 

I'm extremely grateful for those who took that first step and called for my help. Honored and so happy to see how they've grown in a short time. 



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