From the mountains to a metropolis

Jun 15, 2020

In this post I’m gonna take you back with me from how the transition from the mountains to the suburbs in The Netherlands went. Bye freedom, hello structured life!

Bye farm life!

I grew up in a small village in northern Morocco (Issoefien). So you can imagine that it was quite hard to adjust to a place that doesn’t even look like it. Coming from a place where everything is sandy and spacious into a more paved and concrete environment, was quite challenging. In Morocco we also had animals which had all a different ‘function’. Chickens provided fresh eggs, the dog guarded us and our house, the horse was used every week for the market trips and the sheep gave us warm wool which we needed in the winter to keep ourselves warm.

I remembered, once we moved, that I found it a bit strange that all the houses in The Netherlands were built next to each other in rows. In Morocco the houses are more spread out on the land so you basically had more privacy and all the space to ‘live’. It took some time to get used to the Dutch life but I’m sure that it helped a lot since we were received with open arms by our lovely Dutch neighbours. They really made the difference in our whole transition and shifting to a whole different culture.

Our sweet neighbours created a very warm settling in environment for us which I’ll be forever thankful for. By sharing in their Dutch culture and traditions, it made our move very pleasant and safe. This steppingstones became crucial for everything I did and chose in my further life from that moment on. It did not only build me as a person, but I’m sure it shaped that helping hand to others. Which I love to do until this day.

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