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I was born and raised in the Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco. When I turned 4 we moved to a small village in The Netherlands. My current home is in Frankfurt (Germany) where I live with my supportive husband and our daughter and son. In my precious free time, I most enjoy watching my children laugh and play together and spend time in nature with my family. My other ‘happy place’ is running.

I have faced much challenging events in my life. It varied from thyroid problems, being overweight, depressed feelings, gain trust in my body again, hiding from reality and sometimes all at the same time. The worst thing was that as soon as when I thought I’ve overcame an issue, I fell right back to it again in no time. Looping in my ‘crazy eight’ was taking way too much energy and therefore I kind of missed out on the small yet big things in life like picknicks and bbq’s with my family and stuff like that.
I can teach you how to host a bbq in your backyard, being a less stressed out parent/partner, that successful businessman or woman and -in my case- marathoner all at the same time. Don’t ask me why but I think it’s my passion to help tackle your challenges so that you can be the great person you want to be. And foremost to even find the space and time to have those date nights scheduled again. Just like it was when you first met. With that favorite drink on the side. You name it.



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How it all started...

I've always found working with people a great pleasure. Before I started with my coaching practice, I worked in the past as a fitness instructor and then later on as a teacher. Coaching people to help them achieve their health goals, was already something I started when I was 17. Unfortunately I had to give up this dream because when I cycled to work on a hot summer day, I was hit by a car. A complex leg fracture was unfortunately the result of that bike ride. Basically it felt like my dream to reach for the stars as a fitnesstrainer fell apart, because the prognosis back then was unclear. 

Because I've always felt most comfortable with a backup plan (I see backup plans as tickets to new adventures ;-), I retrained myself to become a primary school teacher. In this new job I could continue to teach, work with people, but with less physical strain. I served as a teacher for eight years with great pleasure and satisfaction until we decided to emigrate to Germany because my husband got here a job offer. One he couldn’t refuse...Once here I had to take the necessary time to get used to my new home because for me it really felt like either I swim or I sink. Never thought that being away from your family and friends was that hard. Therefore working became less of a priority because I was still in my transition process. During this process I found self-development and self-healing -never knew that moving abroad could depress me- more important than starting a new career immediately.

After I figured out how I wanted to fulfil my (new) purpose as much as possible, coaching others became a natural next step. So this is my starting point to coach and guide you throughout YOUR journey. I feel very blessed to combine my freelance job as a Dutch Trainer with being a Life Coach.
I believe there is a wave in the sea for everyone to ride on. It took me some obstacles, time and moments of going under *ugh ugh* to find out, but I guess I can say now that I've found my wave with pride: coaching people to (re)find themselves and build on their strengths so they can tackle issues from a strong base. Always and everywhere. 

While I paved my way through the German culture, I've completed the course 'Living from a Place of Surrender' by Michael Singer. What's in a name, huh? :-) After this exploration of finding out who I am and what my relationship is to my thoughts, emotions and the outside world, my pieces started to click. The biggest insight I gained from it was that it's NOT about me. Really, that was so liberating. Once that 'landed', I wanted to teach others about it right away! Therefore I completed my Life Coaching Training with the Robbins Madanes Training (RMT) Centre (California, USA). Not only I feel privileged to say that I’m a RMT graduate and have been educated by the world’s renowned life coach Tony Robbins and his team, but also learned how powerful and quick transformations in human behavior can take place by Strategic Intervention and Six Human Needs Psychology. I've underwent a transformation myself first before taking the bold step to help others. So no worries, I've done this before ;).

For me there's nothing left to say except that I can’t wait to help you live the life you deserve by putting down that unnecessary bag you’ve been carrying around with you.

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And then I needed a logo...
To create a logo which suits me and my clients wasn’t very easy, I must admit. But you know, with most things in life there's a right time and place for everything you're struggling with. My future logo -literally- flew into my mind during one of my runs in the park :-) The bird (sparrow) symbolises a sense of community and creativity. As a spirit animal the sparrow encourages one to be proud of their powers (that's where I step in;-). No matter how small the bird might be or might feel. You can accomplish anything! A sparrow is a little, vulnerable bird but also a tough one. It knows where to go, always has a plan, takes on board many responsibilities without feeling very overwhelmed and flies forward. That resonates with how I view life and that's exactly what I like for you as well. 


Yours, Essma 


I love nothing more than getting the chance to connect face-to-face. So if we are able, let's meet somewhere in the Frankfurt area but if we are too far apart, let's let the phone or internet connect us.
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