Rates & Method 

My coaching to you is based on customization. In this comfort plan, as the name suggests, I offer you 10 sessions that are aimed at making you land softly in your new country. You already have an idea and/or plan for the first period after arrival, but you still need a 'partner in crime' who can offer you support.

Comfort Package includes:

- 10 sessions online or on-site.

- 1,5 hour each session.

- 3 months of follow-up meetings up to 60 minutes per week.

- in 4 weeks you have a hands-on plan of where to start and how to navigate in your new place.

- tackle the first symptoms like homesickness, adapting to a new culture with self-care as your guideline. 



Where do you coach me?

I always coach in a way which suits you the most. Whether this is via Teams, over the phone or on site (when in Frankfurt). You tell me!

What is a discovery session?

The first session is always a so called 'discovery session'.The purpose of this is to gain more insight into your request for help. I then also can already estimate how many sessions you need to help you effectively. During this first appointment, both you and I can check whether we are a match or not.

Do you only coach expats?

My expertise lies in everything that has to do with an expat. Think of the problems and challenges that gradually arise in the new country. Of course it doesn't mean that I don't know what to do with a non-expat. We are all human after all. Contact me to see what I can do for you.

Which services do you offer?

I offer three different packages which you can find on the homepage. Besides positive vibes and a pleasant collaboration -which I take very seriously btw-, I also have live events, webinars and free downloads to offer.

Do you offer family coaching?

Yes, because becoming an expat is usually not a 'one-man/woman show'. There's a spouse and maybe children involved.

What can I expect?

You and me working together will be a process of 'co-creation'. One where you are prepared to let go of all your 'unnecessary luggage' from your homecountry, scepticism, fears and doubts. You learn to surrender to what's in front of you by turning that what's holding you down and makes you feel disconnected, unworthy and even lost into the best version of you.

The more you're willing to open up and the more you commit, the more you'll get out of it. How? The whole process is about asking you questions based on your actual state (where you are now) to your desired state
(where you wanna 'travel' to) and create a co-created plan which fits your needs.

What is a 'walk & talk' session?

We pick one of the many lovely parks which Frankfurt has. A Walk-and-Talk This session is held while walking, away from a meeting room, office, or table/desk. Walking while talking (or the other way around) encourages general interaction. Other advantages of walk & talk:
- promotes an improved physical and mental well-being of both coach and coachee.
-offers mental stimulation, which often leads to new ideas.

Still got questions? Contact me!