Essma is an efficient coach and has a versatile tool box that helped me gain clarity and create next steps while moving forward to accomplish my health goals. She is a great listener and her approach is very gentle and encouraging.
Padmaja, India 

I have been Essma's coaching buddy since when we were paired up during the training. A couple months back I was going through a particularly frustrating and challenging time in my life. Through working with Essma I was able to get clear insight into my situation. I was able to take positive steps forward with a clear strategy for my future. She was highly intuitive in her approach and helped me work through some of my limiting beliefs about what was possible. Thanks so much.
Donna, New Jersey USA

Essma is een coach in hart en nieren, waar de liefde voor haar medemens van afspat.
Ze heeft mij geholpen om van mijn angst voor honden af te komen. Misschien niet een onderwerp wat je verwacht bij een lifecoach, maar toen wij via de chat het hier een keer over hadden gaf ze aan mij hier mee te kunnen helpen. Ze heeft me laten inzien waar de angst vandaan komt en heeft mij concrete handvaten geboden om mee aan de slag te gaan. Ze heeft er voor gezorgd dat ik mijn angst overwon en dat honden mij niet meer tegen houden te doen wat ik wil doen.
Uit de grond van mijn hart bedankt!
Marjolein, Nederland 

Essma is a coach in heart and soul, which radiates love for her fellow man.
She helped me overcome my fear of dogs. Perhaps not a topic that you expect from a life coach, but when we talked about this via chat, she indicated that she could help me with this. She showed me where the fear comes from and she offered me concrete tools to get started. She made sure that I overcame my fear and that dogs no longer stop me from doing what I want to do.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Marjolein, The Netherlands 

Essma was the first who made me  understand the underlying issues of my inner frustration, cries and anxiety. With a simple talk she quickly shifted mountains that cleared my view and gave me deeper comprehension of what is holding me back and on what I should work on. If there hadn't been her at that time, I might have lost my sanity. She with one quick session she equipped me with understanding and tools that helped me to continue on my journey. To me her skills, words and whole of her was God sent at the right time. I am forever thankful to her.
Anonymous, UK