5 pros and cons of living in Frankfurt
28 mei 2023 
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5 pros and cons of living in Frankfurt

Next summer it will be 9 years that we live in Frankfurt. What should have been a period of 3 years has been postponed to 9 years. In this blog I share with you the 5 biggest pros and cons of living in Frankfurt.

1. Housing in Frankfurt

Pro: It doesn't matter where you live in Frankfurt, but you will never lack greenery. Frankfurt is one of the greenest cities in Germany. There is always a park or field nearby where you can relax.

Con: Housing prices are extremely high in Frankfurt. Acccording to the Economist, Frankfurt ranked 7th as most liveable city in the world. The study by the British tabloid has been published and presents the new ranking of the 172 most liveable cities in the world, which were compared according to criteria such as health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure.That also explains why house prices are high here. Compared to where we come from (the Netherlands) you get more living space for the same square meters for considerably less money.

2. Parks everywhere

Pro: with the many parks around, you will never lack some green sights and landscapes. The city is home to a great variety of parks, 40 in total. They are divers and always available.

Con: during summer it can be too crowded and people bring their own barbecue. These people don't always follow the rules and leave their rubbish behind, ruining such a beautiful park.

3. Not everybody speaks 'your language'

Pro: living in a Frankfurt city is great. Because it is so international, you get away with English very well. However, not all Germans speak English naturally and that can be difficult if you do not speak German well.

Con: Moreover, Germans are known as a closed people and do not greet everyone back because it is simply not in their nature. This can cause some tension every now and then.

4. Rules, rules, rules

Pro: rules are convenient. This way everybody understands what is expected of him and structure makes living easier for everyone.

Con: too much of something is never good and that also applies to rules. You will find and encounter rules almost anywhere in Germany and sometimes I wonder why some rules are even considered. Example: you have to put your own 'Warentrennstab' (the stick seperating the wares) on the treadmill otherwise you will create chaos in the store and you will make the cashier angry.

5. Obey the red man

Pro: The often exaggerated stereotype that Germans love to follow the rules all comes down to one, illuminated red man. Guardian and God of the crossing pedestrian. To dare challenge his authority and step gingerly out into a completely empty road when he is still to take a personal risk. Not of getting run over, of course, The road is completely empty after all. Bar being struck by an invisible car, you're safe. No, what you really risk is the shouts of ' Halt!!' from nearby Germans. So social control it is over here.

Con: Halt! Await the green Ampelmännchen. Consider it an eloborate excercise in self-control. So yes, if you are in a hurry for your meeting you still have to wait. Especially when there are kids around. Cause under the traffic lights you will find a sign with the text: " Nur bei Grün- den Kindern ein Borbild". Meaning: "Only by green a role model for children".

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